Friday, 31 October 2014

Lee Bul at the Icon, Birmingham. What an amazing exhibtion!

Lee Bul.Mon grand récit: Weep into stones …(2005).Polyurethane, foamex, synthetic clay,stainless steel and aluminum rods,acrylic panels, wood, acrylic paint,varnish, electrical wiring, lighting.280 × 440 × 300 cm as installed.Collection HITEJINRO Co., LTD., Seoul.Photograph by Watanabe Osamu.Courtesy Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.                    
Such an inspiring exhibition at the Icon in Birmingham. Lee Bul I highly recommend it. 
I went there today with my parents, and my younger brother. I'm not sure what they thought about it. I think they felt a little overwhelmed and intimidated by it all. They never go to art galleries, let alone ones like the Icon, renowned for its contemporary installations. I don't think they really understood why I took them there either. Their bemused faces just added to the experience and my joy. :)

On the other had Lara, my daughter loved it. But then she is used to visiting art galleries, she's been going ever since she was born. 
This exhibition was especially wonderful for young children. Still with that innocent magic in her heart, she played and ran about with such excitement, it was an absolute joy to see.  

When my mum entered the gallery I remember her saying ' I hope they don't start asking me any questions'. She was worried about being tested on her understanding about what was displayed in front of her. I reassured my mum by saying that when it comes to art it doesn't matter, anything goes, anything can be true or false. It's probably just about the only place in the world were one is safe to just simple be. 

Why else do you think I love art so much and why it is so central to my life. It is why I'm immersing Lara into it so much as well.